Nonprofit Sector News (NSN) seeks Spring 2021 interns

Nonprofit Sector News (NSN), a nonprofit news site, seeks part-time journalism interns for Spring 2021. NSN produces original journalism (news, features, investigative) on nonprofits nationwide, and provides this news free to U.S. news media and the public through a website (, Twitter account, and LinkedIn & Facebook pages.*

Emailed newsletters of NSN content, one version for journalists and another for the public, are planned. NSN content also goes to hyperlocal sites. (NSN is not a trade publication for nonprofit employees or boards, unlike Chronicle of Philanthropy, Nonprofit Quarterly, etc.).

Interns are given choices of story ideas and also must propose story ideas. Interns work only from home and/or their campus, conducting background research and interviews using phones, email, Zoom/Skype/etc., Internet searches, and website visits. Students are: given introductory information about covering nonprofits, receive editing/feedback on their writing, ask NSN questions as they work, and are asked to suggest news media outlets that their stories be sent to. NSN fully cooperates with universities that can award academic credit for the internship.

Because NSN is a startup nonprofit, internships are currently unpaid. Interns will be able to use Dane S. Claussen, editor and executive director, as a reference. NSN is especially interested in nonprofits found in almost every U.S. community (Rotary, Goodwill, animal shelters, chambers of commerce, churches, nonprofit colleges/schools, etc.); nonprofits affecting every American (ACLU, League of Women Voters, etc.); nonprofits serving minorities, women, LGBTQ communities, youths, and immigrants; nonprofits of particular interest to younger Americans; and labor unions.

Print/digital journalism students should send a letter of application, a resume (including at least three journalism references: professors or editors)—both as email attachments—and scans of, or links to, your best five stories published/posted in commercial and/or student news media to NSN.  In the application letter, students must state why they want to intern for NSN and offer several story ideas. Applications will be reviewed from mid-November until early January, but apply as quickly as possible. Apply to: Dr. Dane S. Claussen,

*NSN also reposts (on social media and by email) important and/or interesting journalism, from other news organizations, about nonprofits. Eventually, NSN will begin working to generally increase and improve all news media coverage of nonprofit organizations. NSN is tax-exempt under IRS 501(c)(3).