Advising for Summer/Fall 2016

Advising appointment sign-up sheets are now on the bulletin board on the wall outside the JN office (490 Phifer). Advising for Summer/Fall 2016 classes will be held March 21-24, 28-31 and April 4-7. JN students are not required to have an advising appt., but JN advisers are happy to help you with this process.

It is very important to check and see who your adviser is at this time. Your adviser’s name is located on your main DegreeWorks page in the middle column below your Math Placement. All JN freshmen and other other selected JN students are now assigned to advisers in Tisch Student Services. If you are unable to determine who your adviser is, there is a list of our known JN majors and their designated advisers also posted on the advising board by the JN office. If your name is not listed there, please speak to Ms. Mabury in the JN office.

NOTE:  If you have below a 2.0 GPA, you are REQUIRED to see your adviser. Your registration will be blocked by a PIN until it is removed by your adviser.

Also, please review the Advising Checklist located on JNews and be prepared for your advising appointment!

Students should log on to DegreeWorks PRIOR to an advising appt. and make a general list of needed classes. It is important to review your DegreeWorks status BEFORE you come to your appt.

To check on your registration time, visit the following link:

For more information, visit:

It is our goal to make the registration process go as smoothly as possible for all of our majors and to help make sure they are registered for the proper classes.